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Armed Response Enquiries (24 hrs): (061) 22 55 21

Technical Enquiries (Office hours only): 083 330 7360


Not only has the number of burglaries in Windhoek increased, but the way in which these thieves enter your home or business has also become more cunning and crafty. We at HOMESTAR would like to assist you in protecting your home or business sufficiently, so that together we can put a stop to the increase burglaries and theft in our city.

We want to make special mention about two products that can greatly increase the security around your premises.

PIR detectors with microwave detection:

  • These are special PIR detectors (eyes) that we fit inside the ceiling, to protect your Alarm Control Panel. We have found that a lot of thieves nowadays gain access through the roof, where they can then easily destroy your entire alarm system without it sending any signals. Installing the correct detector in the ceiling will alert our control room when someone is attempting to damage your alarm system.

Outdoor detectors and beams:
  • There are a number of outdoor detectors available, which will pick up movement in the yard. These will sound the alarm before the thief gets a change to break your door or window.

Test your alarm regularly:
  • Take control of your security. Make sure you test your alarm system at least once a month, to ensure that signals are still received by our control room. The backup battery of the alarm system has to be changed at least every 2 years. You will be putting yourself at risk if you do not do regular checks of your alarm system.

Upgrade Your Security:
  • If your system is older than 5 year, it's well worth getting it professionally assessed by a HOMESTAR TECHNICIAN to ensure that it's working properly. If you have made alterations or extensions to your home, it is vital to upgrade your system. There are also constant innovations in technology and equipment that you may want to consider to enhance your family's safety.

For more great products like these, please visit our
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